Portal do Butantan

Intellectual Property, R&D



In a very pleasant campus, Butantan mantains 27 research labs, where 180 researchers (mostly PhDs) work.

They have multidisciplinary expertise on proteomics, genomics, immunology, vaccinology and toxinology.  

MSD-Butantan partnership on dengue vaccine

Instituto Butantan’s  know-how in the production of the dengue vaccine candidate is at the heart of the exclusive collaboration agreement between Butantan and MSD signed in 2018.

The innovative agreement seeks to accelerate the development of the vaccine programs and the vaccines’ availability to the general public.

Intellectual Property

Instituto Butantan is also a place of innovation. With a portfolio of 50 patent families, there are many technologies being brought to the market by the institute, such as:

  • Monoclonal antibodies;
  • State-of-the-art processes;
  • Compositions for cellular and tissue regeneration;
  • Testing models;
  • Innovative vaccines;
  • New peptides