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The ones vaccinated with CoronaVac that were infected with Covid-19 previously presented more antibodies than the non infected, says a Turkish study

Publicado em: 01/01/1970

The CoronaVac, the vaccine from Butantan and the chinese pharmaceutical Sinovac, produced a high level of antibodies in health professionals that were previously infected by SARS-CoV-2, so it did produce a high level among the ones that were not infected, according to study realized by the Pediatric Clinical of Atasehir Memorial Hospital, in Turkey, with more than 700 professionals of health. Data from the study were presented by the scientist and leader of the study Ahmet Soysal, from Atasehir Hospital, on the second day of the CoronaVac Symposium, the online event that discusses studies and new discoveries about the CoronaVac, which happened this wednesday (8).

According to the turkish researcher, the main finding of the study that compared the immunogenicity and the reactogenicity of CoronaVac in health professionals that were previously infected and the ones that were not infected is that it shows that the professionals infected with Covid-19 until four months before receiving the first dose had titration of antibodies higher than the ones that did not develop the disease.

This is the first study that investigates the reactogenicity and immunogenicity of CoronaVac on individuals that were infected previously in a natural way, according to the researcher.

“This evidence corroborates with other studies that demonstrates that the average titration of the two doses of CoronaVac is higher on health professionals that were previously infected and demonstrates that CoronaVac is safe,effective and reliable on people that were infected before, being health professionals  or not”, emphasized.

For Ahmet, among all the vaccinated individuals with CoronaVac analyzed in the study, 98% of the health professionals had detectable antibodies after the complete application of the immunizing. Just two of them did not present detectable levels. “The titration of antibodies were significantly higher in health professionals than in other patients”, completed.

The study analyzed the titration of neutralizing antibodies of 103 health professionals that were infected by Covid-19 four months before the vaccination and 627 non infected before the vaccination as a control group. The study was conducted between January 11st and February 26th, a close period to the beginning of the vaccination in the country, which began in January 2020. 

From the 103 health professionals analyzed, 63 were women and 40 were men. Still, according to the study, the most related adverse reactions were pain in the location of the vaccine and somnolence. Ahmet also said that the study must evolve with results about the third dose of CoronaVac in the studied group.