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International symposium begins with statements by Butantan and Sinovac and expectation of updating CoronaVac against variants

Publicado em: 01/01/1970

The CoronaVac Symposium, an initiative of Instituto Butantan in partnership with the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech, began this Tuesday (7) with statements by the president of Instituto Butantan, Dimas Covas, and the president of the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, Weidong Yin.

During the opening, Dimas Covas said that the event's objective is to take CoronaVac's results to the scientific community and stated the advantages of the partnership with Sinovac. ""This is a symposium that will greatly help the understanding of this vaccine, a vaccine that has often been poorly understood in Brazil, the vaccine that most helps against variants, which prevents the development of diseases and has lasting immunity,"" he stated.

“CoronaVac is an initiative that will definitely be a watershed right now. We have absolute confidence in this vaccine. She has already immunized millions of Brazilians and started the Brazilian vaccination program. This makes us deeply proud”, added Dimas.


New generation of vaccines

The president of Sinovac, Weidong Yin, highlighted the partnership with Butantan and said that the symposium will be an opportunity to discuss the development of CoronaVac, whose vaccine coverage against Covid-19 is the largest in the world.

""We expect even more collaboration with Butantan for the rapid development of new vaccines for new variants, immunosuppressed or booster vaccines, and we are sure that with this partnership we will be able to face Covid 19"", he said. “As we know, more than 2.3 billion people have received CoronaVac in different populations across the globe,” stated the CEO of Sinovac.


Protection against omicron

Weidong Yin also stated that CoronaVac has proven itself effective in combating the omicron variant of the new coronavirus. “We've seen the emergence of Covid-19 variants and the omicron worries us very much. The vaccine has proven effective against this variant and we are developing a new immunizer based on the variant.”

According to Dimas, Butantan and Sinovac are continuing to create new vaccines, not just the second generation of CoronaVac. ""We are going to announce studies with a range of variants"", stated the president of the institute.