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Science should dictate the course of fighting the pandemic, says doctor in pulmonology

Publicado em: 01/01/1970

Much is said about which are the most efficient strategies against Covid-19: the best treatment, the best vaccine or the best individual protection measure. For the general director of the Serrana State Hospital, Marcos Borges, these questions can only be answered through solid and well-based scientific research. It was with studies of this magnitude that CoronaVac, a vaccine from Butantan and Sinovac, had its impact proven through Project S, carried out precisely in Serrana.

“A scientific event focusing on a single aspect, on a single vaccine, is essential to understand the real effectiveness of this immunizing agent in controlling the pandemic. We need to focus on the scientific part”, says Marcos.

During the CoronaVac Symposium, which takes place between the 7th, 8th and 9th of December, Marcos will talk about Project S and the conclusions of the unprecedented effectiveness study. Researchers from Brazil and the United States, Turkey, Chile, China and Spain will also participate in the event. Online and free of charge, the event will be held by Butantan and Sinovac.

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