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CoronaVac production in Brazil is complex and involves highly trained teams, says production specialist

Publicado em: 01/01/1970

The CoronaVac production process in Brazil is much more complex than just “receiving and filling”. According to the production director at Butantan, Ricardo Oliveira, an exhaustively trained and qualified team is needed to maintain the product's immunogenicity, safety and sterility characteristics. This is the basis of the Butantan-Sinovac partnership for the manufacture of CoronaVac.

The director emphasizes that all processes involved in the production of the vaccine are carried out in aseptic and controlled environments. “All the necessary methodologies were transferred so that Butantan could analyze and guarantee the safety of the product”, says Ricardo Oliveira.

This is one of the subjects to be addressed during the CoronaVac Symposium, a free and online international event to be held on the next 7th, 8th and 9th of December by Instituto Butantan and Sinovac. The meeting will bring together Brazilian researchers from different fields and specialists from the United States, Turkey, Chile, China and Spain.

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