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Vaccine passport is a fundamental measure and is already used for the Yellow Fever; it is not something new, says the sanitary doctor

Publicado em: 01/01/1970

The demand of a vaccination proof against the Covid-19 for entrance in Brazil has been the target of a lot of discussion. The theme was the topic of the discussion table during the CoronaVac Symposium this Thursday afternoon (9), at the last day of the online event by Butantan and Sinovac. For Gonzalo Vecina Neto, sanitary doctor and ex-director of the National Agency of Sanitary Vigilance (Anvisa), that is the only way to prevent the entrance of infected people and reduce the risks of dissemination of the new variant omicron from the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the country.

“Today omicron is already in 50 countries, so this is not about closing the door for other countries since we don’t know anymore where the variant is circulating. But the vaccine passport certainly will help having a better control of the disease dissemination. And it is not something unprecedented, we already do that with the yellow fever. No one that comes from a region with   wild transmission of yellow fever can enter Brazil without being vaccinated”, reinforced Vecina.

The other guests of the discussion table also called attention to the negationism of the science that has been side by side with the pandemics since its beginning and for the discussion of liberty restriction. “This matter is solved by the Brazilian constitution, which says that the right of life is above all the others”, punctuated Vecina.

The doctor and communicator Thelma de Assis reminded that the regions where there is an increase of Covid-19 cases are the places with low vaccine coverage. “Taking the vaccine is a safety measurement that does not go against the population’s right of coming and going. Lamentably we have a negationism movement in the country, and those ones that work with science can not be conniving with that”, she affirmed.

The Butantan president, Dimas Covas, added that several countries from Europe and North America demand a vaccine proof so people can enter any places, such as restaurants and other establishments. “The vaccine passport is not an innovation, but an instrument of public protection. The variant Omicron is probably already circulating in the country and we will not be able to accompany as much as is necessary. That is the reason that, more than ever, the vaccine passport is primordial.”