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Europe needs vaccines of inactivated virus to fight against the Covid-19, reinforces the researcher of the University from Barcelona

Publicado em: 01/01/1970

European countries are not using inactivated virus vaccines against Covid-19 and are seeing the case numbers of the new coronavirus increasing again, which is not happening with the nations that applied CoronaVac. In view of this reality, the European continent should consider the authorization of immunizings that use this technology, in the opinion of the researcher Rafael Franco, from the University of Barcelona, one of the participants of the third and last day of the CoronaVac Symposium, which happened this Thursday (9).

“When we see a lower percentage of vaccination, we see an increase in cases. But this is not what happens in countries that used more CoronaVac than other vaccines. In Europe we don’t have vaccines made of inactivated viruses and it is something that we need”, said the scientist.

According to Franco, there are no scientific reasons to support the absence of the immunizing among the vaccines against Covid-19 available on the European continent. “And why are many of our colleagues in Europe not taking in consideration the use of these vaccines made of inactivated viruses, which is not common?”, he questioned. 

Franco was a mediator of the speeches during the closure of the CoronaVac Symposium, that focused on discussions about safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine on subpopulations and on patients with comorbidities. The event gathered researchers and scientists to discuss worldwide studies and new discoveries regarding the CoronaVac, it was realized by the initiative of Butantan and the chinese pharmaceutic Sinovac.

The Spanish researcher led a study published in preprint a few months ago that concluded that vaccines with inactivated viruses, like the CoronaVac, are more efficient in the control of the pandemics since it induces a wider immune response. The article shows that countries that adopted immunizings of inactivated viruses as the main vaccine, such as Chile, Uruguay and China, are having a better performance in the reduction of the case numbers of Covid-19 in comparison to countries like United States, Israel and United Kingdom, that used messenger RNA and viral vector of adenovirus vaccines. Besides the high index of vaccination, those countries suffered a considerable increase in cases because of the delta variant, which is more transmissible.