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Studies suggest that interchangeability of vaccines may be more effective to immunize against Covid-19

Publicado em: 01/01/1970

During the opening of the CoronaVac Symposium, realized this Tuesday (7), the infectologist doctor and professor of the School of Medicine of Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Esper Kallás, affirmed that different clinical studies, still ongoing, suggests that the heterologous vaccination, also known as interchangeability of vaccines, may offer higher immunity taxes to the population.

The studies that analyzed the use of the heterologous vaccine scheme indicates that the titration is higher in all the participants. Kallás affirmed that the researches are still limited, but it is important to confirm or not this hypothesis and affirm which vaccine combination is more effective to move forward in the immunization process.

“Only time may tell what is the better option. But the longer time passes, more difficult will be to answer this question, as we advance in the vaccination”, alerted the doctor and professor.

Besides the use of heterologous schemes , Kallás commented about the existence of data which indicates that the immunity offered by vaccines has better responses than the natural infeccion, when someone contracts Coronavirus.

“I may say that the data are interesting. We need to reinforce that the vaccine, even after a natural infection, it is something that must be adopted by everyone”, complemented the doctor.