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Studies with Project S may foretell pandemic events in the real world

Publicado em: 01/01/1970

The pioneer methodology of staggered research by clusters used in Project S, effectiveness study of the CoronaVac Vaccine made with the population of the Serrana county, may help to prevent what will happen in the real world in terms of case numbers and deaths by Covid-19. It was highlighted by the director of the State Hospital of Serrana, Marcos Borges, as he spoke about the importance of the study during the CoronaVac Symposium this Tuesday (7).

For example, the research showed that when the Serrana population reached the percentage of 52% vaccinated people, there was a considerable decrease in the infeccion incidence by SARS-CoV-2. Besides that, it was observed to have a protective effect on the non-vaccinated.

“The same happened in Brazil when we got a vaccinal coverage of 50%: we saw the cases of Covid-19 decrease in a very significant way. Six months before, we had already verified that in Serrana. So it ends up being an observatory city, where you can foretell the next steps of the pandemics”, affirmed Marcos.

Besides that, from the ethical point of view, the specialist highlights that this study model does not use the placebo group - non-effect substance in the organism, administered to enable the comparison to the vaccinated group. It means, all the participants are vaccinated and are protected against the disease, an essential factor in front of an emergency of a pandemic.

The effectiveness of CoronaVac among the vaccinated was 95% against hospitalization and 94,4% against deaths. When not including non-vaccinated, the immunization generates a protection of 48,1% against asymptomatic cases, hospitalizations and deaths related to Covid-19.