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Chinese study testifies that CoronaVac is efficient for people with diverse comorbidities

Publicado em: 01/01/1970

A chinese study testified the efficacy and safety of CoronaVac for people with coronary artery disease, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer and arterial hypertension, among other comorbidities. The results were presented by the Chinese professor and researcher Zijie Zhang, from Yunnan University in China, during the third day of the CoronaVac Symposium.

The research evaluated the titration of neutralizing antibodies, the seroconversion tax and the adverse reactions after the application of the second dose of CoronaVac. The participants were between 40 and 91 years of age and were separated in two groups: one of patients with comorbidities and the other with healthy people.

The results showed small differences on the immunogenicity tax between the groups. Patients that had cancer and obesity with age between 40 and 59, for example, demonstrated a high tax of antibodies. On the other side, the patients with respiratory diseases and diabetes presented a lower tax of immune response.

“The results suggest that chronic diseases may have influenced the immune response in a way that does not depend on the age, but it is important to notice that these differences are very small and do not contribute to the clinical result”, said the researcher.

Regarding the adverse events, Zhang explained that the data were collected two weeks after the application of the second dose. There were 17 reports of reaction, but none of them were considered severe. Pain in the area of the vaccination and fatigue were the most reported symptoms.

“The adverse reaction with CoronaVac on patients studied with chronic diseases have no statistical difference compared to the control group with healthy individuals. We did not find a significant difference of immunogenicity and safety between the healthy control groups and the six types of chronic diseases that we studied”, concluded the researcher.