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Efficacy and safety of the vaccine are the main topics on the opening of CoronaVac Symposium

Publicado em: 30/11/2021

The history of the most used immunizing in the world, from the first researchers until it was available to the population, will be one of the main subjects of the opening session of the CoronaVac Symposium. The online international event will present all the studies of the clinical trials to grant the quality in the development of this vaccine, used in Brazil and the world. 

The efficiency and safety in the development process of the CoronaVac has been the priority in the production made in the partnership between Instituto Butantan and the chinese biopharmaceutical Sinovac. The pioneering of international immunization in the fight against the virus SARS-CoV-2 will be detailed at the meeting, showing the excellency of the research with data deepening.

The first speaker of the day, Yalling Hu, vice-president of Sinovac Life Science Co and responsible for the operations of P&D, will present the scientific data involved in the process of CoronaVac’s  immunization, since its beginning with the base research.

The results of the efficacy studies of the CoronaVac in Chile will be brought  by Rafael Araos, professor in the College of Medicine at the Universidad del Desarrollo.

The clinical trials on phase three, the last stage of studies to demonstrate its efficacy, before the sanitary registration, will be brought by Esper Kallas, infectologist doctor and professor of the Medicine College of USP, and also by Serhat Unal, professor of the Hacettepe University, of Turkey. A study from this university shows that  the immunizing, as it was once confirmed by the clinical trials ins 2020 on Brazil, is 83,5% efficient and safe against the SARS-CoV-2.

The S Project on the county of Serrana, located in the  countryside of São Paulo, it’s among the highlights of the international meeting. The general director of the State Hospital of Serrana, Marcos Borges, will speak about the importance of the pioneering methodology in Brazil and in the world, that allowed the vaccine’s testing during the pandemics. At the location, the Butantan immunizing in partnership with the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, vaccinated 95% of the population. The studies realized at the location allowed the evaluation of the virus circulation, the transmission among the residents and the number of serious cases after the immunization.

Marcos Borges, who is also a professor of the Medical Clinic on USP, highlights the importance of showing this and other international research at the CoronaVac Symposium. “During the pandemics,we noticed a lot of people trying to define public politics. It is fundamental to have events of this nature where researchers of the whole world to discuss a specific theme. The directions of the pandemics and the next steps must be dictated by Science”.

The CoronaVac Symposium will happen  on the days 7, 8 and 9 of December. The international online event will count with the presence  of Brazilian  researchers and from other five countries: Chile, Turkey, China,Spain and the United States. 

The opening session of the symposium will be held by the president of Butantan Institute, Dimas Covas and the president of Sinovac Biotech, Weidong Yin. The board of coordinators will be: Renato Kfouri, director of the Brazilian Society of Immunization and member of the counselor in immunization practices of the Health Minister in Brazil and Sten H. Vermund, doctor specialized in public health and preventive medicine of Yale School of Public Health.

By the afternoon, in all of the events, there will be a round table with specialists discussing the main topics presented.



I Internacional Symposium CoronaVac Butantan

Dates: December 7,8 and 9

Time: from 8h to 11h (scientific discussions)

Local: Online