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CoronaVac has a good safety profile for population above 3 years old and for the third dose of homologous vaccination, says specialist in pharmacovigilance

Publicado em: 01/01/1970

Clinical studies made in China and safety analysis from the real world, after the immunization of over 120 million of children above 3 years of age, reveals that CoronaVac is safe and efficient for this public, with rare adverse effects and light effects. Besides that, the booster dose has already been applied on 23 million people, also presented a good profile of safety and efficacy. It was highlighted this Thursday (9) by the Pharmacovigilance Manager  of Sinovac, Jiayi Wang, during the last day of the CoronaVac Symposium.

According to the researcher, regarding the children, the main adverse effects were light, such as pain, swelling on the area of the injection and fever, and only 2% of the immunized presented reactions more severe. Among them, over 80% had a quick recovery. “Serious adverse events with the application of CoronaVac are even more rare than in other conventional inactivated virus vaccines used in China, such as A and B hepatitis and Influenza”, he reinforces.

Among the 20 million individuals that received the booster dose in China, adverse effects were reported only on one thousand people, being only 0,4% of serious reactions. Over 90% are recovered or in recovery with a good prognosis. The main symptoms reported were pain and swelling on the area of the injection. “The proportion of serious adverse events of the third dose in other vaccines, like messenger RNA and adenovirus, was higher than the one observed in CoronaVac”, says Jiayi.

She affirms that evidences from monitoring systems in several countries already showed events of myopericarditis and thrombosis on teenagers after the vaccines with messenger RNA. “In the case of CoronaVac, with over 2,1 billion of doses applied all over the world, there was no identified risk of myopericarditis or thrombosis events until now, according to our pharmacological database. Sinovac will keep monitoring the immunized individuals during the whole time.”