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CoronaVac Symposium discusses the potency and duration of the reinforcement dose of the vaccine that began the immunization in Brazil

Publicado em: 01/01/1970

The effects of the reinforcement of a vaccine with inactivated virus will be analyzed on the second day of the CoronaVac Symposium, organized by Butantan Institute in partnership with Sinovac. In the international event, held between next Tuesday (7) and Thursday (9), Brazilian researchers and from another five countries will present details of the whole methodology and techniques used since the beginning of the process until the last validated results to guarantee a safe immunization of the population.

The online meeting will reinforce the differential and excellency of the most  present data of the use of the pioneer vaccine, presenting the process of the immunizing until it becomes the most applied on the mundial population. “The CoronaVac has shown to be extremely safe since the pre-registration phase of clinical studies.It’s agreed that the third dose will only bring more benefits”, affirms the director of the Clinical Trials Center and Pharmacovigilance of Butantan Institute, Alexander Precioso.

On the second day of the symposium, the immunologist of the Pontifícia Universidad Católica from Chile, Alexis Kalergis, will speak about the safety and the immunogenicity of vaccination and the reforce doses on adults with the immunizing of unactivated virus. Research conducted by researchers from Chile, United States and China revealed that the reinforcement dose of CoronaVac increases the level of antibodies for those who took the two doses previously in the last five months.

The main subject from the researcher Xiangxi Wang,of the Chinese Science Academy, will be the increase of the potency, amplitude and duration of the responses against SARS-CoV-2. The specialist in pediatric infectious diseases Ahmet Soysal, from the Pediatric Clinic from Atasehir Hospital Memorial, in Turkey, will compare the immunogenicity and reactogenicity of the vaccine with inactivated virus on workers of the Health System, infected or not. He is also a specialist in research about infections of Covid-19 in children. 

In Brazil, the reinforcement dose has been widely applied with safety, according to the general director of the State Hospital of Serrana and professor of the University of São Paulo (USP), Marcos Borges. “On Serrana,for example, more than four thousand elders were vaccinated with the third dose. We are not in the phase of analysis of those results, but we still don’t have any big adverse report”, affirms.

The second day of the event will count with the presence of professor Edson Durigon, director of the Microbiology course at the Biomedical Science Institute of USP. The main theme of the researcher is the neutralizer antibodies. His lab is specialized in innovation and development of new strategies to the diagnosis and treatment of important emerging viruses  in public health, with special attention to the SARS-CoV-2.

The CoronaVac Symposium will occur on days 7, 8 and 9q12, from 8h to 11h. The international online event will have the presence of Brazilian researchers and from Chile, Turkey, China, Spain and the United States. The opening of the symposium will be held by the Butantan Institute President, Dimas Covas, and by the president of the chinese biopharmaceutical Sinovac, Weidong Yin.

The table coordinator on the second day will be the professor Yiming Shao, header of the AIDS Society of CDC and vice-president of the Chinese Society of Microbiology (CMS), and the biology Michel Nussenweig, professor of the Rockefeller University, on United States, and researcher of the molecular aspects of innate and adaptive responses from the immunological system.

During the afternoon, every day of the event, there will also be a round table with specialists commenting on the main topics presented.



CoronaVac Symposium

Days: 7,8 and 9 of December

Time: from 8h to 11h

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