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CoronaVac Symposium: watch all the speeches of the events that gathered researchers from five countries

Publicado em: 01/01/1970

The CoronaVac Symposium, an international online event from Butantan Institute in partnership with the chinese pharmaceutic Sinovac Biotech, discussed the most recent results regarding the efficacy and safety of CoronaVac during the days 7th, 8th and 9th of December. The Symposium counted with researchers and authorities from a diverse of health areas and specialists from Brazil, Turkey, Chile, China and Spain in deep and qualified discussions.

Read a brief of each day of the event and watch the videos of the speeches and discussions.


7th day of December

The president of Butantan Institute, Dimas Covas, and the president of Sinovac Biotech, Weidong Yin, participated in the opening ceremony of the event, mediated by the director of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations, Renato Kfouri.

Among the speakers of the day, the vice-president and research and development leader of Sinovac Biotech, Yalling Hu, presented data regarding the production of CoronaVac in China and emphasized that a new version of the immunizing to fight against the Omicron variant will be developed in three months.

The chief of the infectional diseases department from the Hacettepe University, Serhat Unal, demonstrated the high efficacy of CoronaVac among the vaccinated with or without comorbidities in Turkey and the infectologist Rafael Araos, assessor of the Health Minister from Chile, spoke about the effectiveness and about the third dose of CoronaVac in the country.

At the same day, the director of the State Hospital of Serrana, Marcos Borges, spoke about the pioneer methodology used in Project S, effectiveness study of the CoronaVac realized in the population of Serrana county (SP), and the infectologist Esper Kállas, director of the Clinical Research Center in the Clinical Hospital of the School Medicine in University of São Paulo (USP), finalized speaking about the safety of CoronaVac on children.


8th day of December

During the second day of speeches, the researchers spoke about the cellular and humoral responses  of CoronaVac, with the mediation of the researcher Renato Astray, from the Butantan Institute, and from professor Yiming Shao, from the Control and Prevention Center of Diseases from China (CDC).

The virologist Edison Durigon, from the Biomedical Science Institute from USP, demonstrated that CoronaVac is highly effective against the reinfections of SARS-CoV-2 and the researcher Zhijie An, from the Chinese CDC, said that the scientific evidences proves that CoronaVac is safe for children. 

Afterwards, the scientist Xiangxi Wang, researcher from the Chinese Academy of Science, demonstrated that the booster dose of CoronaVAc increases 20 times the level of neutralizing antibodies against the Covid-19 variants, including omicron, and the researcher Ahmet Soysal, from the Atasehir Hospital, from Turkey, gave the results of a study which concluded that individuals that were previously infectected with Covid-19 presented more antibodies after taking CoronaVac than individuals that did not contract SARS-CoV-2.

The doctor in microbiology and immunology of the school from the School Medicine of the Pontifical Catholical University from Chile, Alexis Kalergis, finalized the day of speeches detailing the results of immunogenicity from CoronaVAc after the mass vaccination in Chile.


9th Day of December

During the last day, the specialist spoke about the use of CoronaVac on subpopulations with comorbidities under the mediation of the Spanish Researcher Rafael Franco, from the Barcelona University , and the epidemiologist Paulo Lotufo, full professor of the Medicine Clinic of the Medicine School from USP.

The researcher Hongjie Yu, from the Fudan University in China, spoke about the results of a study that proved that the third dose of CoronaVac is capable of maintaining neutralizing antibodies against Covid-19 in high tax for at least a year.

The researcher Susan Bueno, of the Pontifical Catholical University from Chile, presented data regarding the vaccination on children in Chile. And the manager of pharmacovigilance from Sinovac, Jiayi Wang, gave more details regarding the safety of vaccination with CoronaVac on children from 3 years of age in China.

And a researcher of the clinical director from the Clinic Hospital of the School Medicine from USP, Eloisa Bonfá, pointed that the third dose of CoronaVac is efficient to regain the immune response on immunosuppressed individuals and the chinese study leaded by the chinese professor and researcher Zijie Zhang, from the Yunnan University in China, proved the efficacy and safety of CoronaVac for people with a diverse of comorbidities.