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China has already immunized over 90% of the olders than 12 years of age; vaccines of inactive virus as CoronaVac predominates

Publicado em: 01/01/1970

In over a year, China has already immunized over 90% of its population that are older than 12 years old, with predominance of the use of vaccines with inactivated viruses like CoronaVac. The information was provided by the biologist of systems from the Control and Prevention of Sickness Center, Zhijie An, during the second day of the CoronaVac Symposium, organized by the Butantan Institute and Sinovac.

During this period, there were 2,5 billion doses administered in the country. Out of this number 1,1 billion people were completely vaccinated with both of the doses and 1,2 billion people received at least one dose, which represents 85% of the Chinese population. Now, the focus of the Chinese government is to intensify the vaccination program in children from three to 11 years old and apply the booster dose.

“We are beginning to apply the booster dose for a great part of the population. Three months after the application of the second dose, the population can already have the third dose as a reinforcement”, said Zhijie.

The biologist commented about a study conducted in the city of Jiangsu, which suffered an outbreak of the delta variant of the new coronavirus during July of this year. The main goal  of the research was to evaluate if the vaccines with inactivated viruses could prevent serious symptoms of the sickness.

The results showed that people with both doses of the  inactivated virus vaccine have a reduction of 88% on chances that the sickness evolves from a light to a serious case. According to the researcher, the results demonstrate that taking both of the doses is important to avoid worse consequences of Covid-19. Took part of the study 476 patients with more than 18 years of age who were isolated at the hospital.