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The Brazilian people did not succumb to the negationism and got in line to receive the vaccine, says epidemiologist from USP

Publicado em: 01/01/1970

The vaccination against Covid-19 advanced in Brazil because the Brazilian people did not attend to the call of negationism. This is the opinion of the epidemiologist Paulo Lotufo, full professor of the Medical Clinic in the Medicine University from USP (FMUSP), one of the participants of the CoronaVac Symposium, that ended this Thursday (9) in São Paulo.

“We are still fighting against negationists”, emphasized the scientist. “But  the Brazilian population did not attend to what the negationists were saying and got in line to receive the vaccine”, he completed.

The epidemiologist and professor of FMUSP thanked the Brazilian population for believing in science, what he called the “right side of humanity”.

“My gratitude to the Brazilian population and the other countries that are fighting against the negationists and supporting science. I would like to thank everyone that is on the right side of humanity and applying the vaccines for the well-being of everybody”, concluded.

Lotufo was a mediator of the speeches on the third day of the symposium, a gratuitous and online event that discusses mundial and new discoveries about the CoronaVac and is an initiative of Butantan in partnership with the chinese pharmaceutic Sinovac. The discussions of the third and last day of the international encounter spoke about the safety and immunogenicity of CoronaVac on subpopulation and on patients with comorbidities.