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The ignorance of not using CoronaVac to vaccinate children is unforgivable, affirms the founder and ex-president of Anvisa

Publicado em: 01/01/1970

CoronaVac, the vaccine from Butantan and the chinese pharmaceutic Sinovac, should be used immediately in the vaccination of children and teenagers against Covid-19 in Brazil. This is the opinion of the sanitary doctor Gonzalo Vecina Neto, founder and ex-president of the National Agency of Sanitary Vigilance (Anvisa). Vecina participated in the discussion table during the last day of the CoronaVac Symposium, an online event that gathered researchers from different countries to discuss the most recent data regarding the vaccine from Butantan and Sinovac.

“We have the duty to vaccinate all our children since we have an efficient and safe vaccine stored here in Butantan. The ignorance related using the CoronaVac to vaccinate our children and young ones  is unforgivable”, punctuated him, side by side with the president of the Institute, Dimas Covas, with the doctor Thelma Assis and with the journalist Marcelo Tas.

Vecina  believes that the Covid-19 pandemics will only be won when the vaccine coverage extends to all the publics and all the countries, and for that is necessary to use all the available immunizings that had its safety and efficacy proved - which is the case of the CoronaVac.

“Without the vaccine coverage, the world won’t be free of this disease, and the vaccine coverage must be done with all the available vaccines because there is not a mundial production of one single vaccine that is enough. CoronaVac has shown itself to be an efficient vaccine and, probably, the safest of them all. We should be doing those bets”, emphasized Vecina.

Dimas Covas also spoke about the subject, emphasizing that the immuzing from Butantan and Sinovac is the most used vaccine in the whole world, and it has already been applied with safety on children and teenagers.

“Just in China, 84 million of children and teenagers have already been vaccinated and the Chinese government announced that the pediatric public from 3 to 17 years of age will be fully vaccinated until the end of the year”, he reminded.

According to Dimas, this is a movement that extends to a variety of countries that already are with advanced vaccination, including here in South America: Chile has been vaccinating since September, Ecuador began the campaign of vaccination on children from 3 years of age. “It is a necessity. It is a population that must be vaccinated”, completed the president of Butantan.